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Invisalign Braces Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know About

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Here are some Invisalign Braces Tips and Tricks You Didn’t Know About


Hi, my name is Natasha and I work for Holly Dental in Preston.

Here are some Invisalign top tips for wearing your aligners based on my experience with wearing Invisalign in Preston;

One is that when it comes to changing onto your next aligner, I would change it before you go to bed; this is so you are sleeping through the period where there could be some tenderness.

When you’re moving from one aligner to the other, you can experience a little bit of tenderness while they adjust.

You should always clean your aligners when you remove them for eating or drinking. I tend to just have a little mini toothbrush and toothpaste with me and when I pop them out, just give them a quick clean.

Another thing I do is brush my teeth after I finished my dinner or my tea, or my breakfast, and then pop the aligners back in just so then you still get that clean feeling, because they’re in your mouth all day and all night, this will help to kind of keep your mouth feeling fresh and the aligners looking clean as well.


With new aligners, you get a little case to keep them in when they’re not in your mouth; I would suggest maybe putting your name and number in your aligner case.

That way in case you leave them anywhere, somebody could get a hold of you to say, “Oh, we found your aligners.” Otherwise, you’d be having to take a trip back to the dentist and reorder the aligners and it can take some time maybe even a couple of weeks and you might not necessarily have the last aligner that you had to put back in temporarily. So yeah that’s another tip.


You could always keep the previous aligner just in case that ever happens, but it shouldn’t happen because you’d be keeping them in your case and keeping them with you.

I’d also keep your aligners away from any dogs, especially if you have any pets, just because they seem to like them. I don’t know what it is, but if there’s an aligner lying around on the side, they’ll take them and you won’t get them back.

Good luck trying to get them off the dog so they’re not eating them and even if you do, I don’t suppose you’ll be able to get them back in your mouth because they’ll be distorted.

They’ll probably have been a little bit chewed, so then obviously you’ll have to ring the dentist and tell them and reorder that aligner again just to keep you on track.

Another thing I do sometimes is once a week, I just put my aligners in a little glass of water and get some of the retainer bright tablets, just to kind of keep on top of freshness so that the aligners stay nice and clean and don’t get any stains on them because they can pick up stains from the food or drink that you drink with them being in your mouth for roughly 22 hours a day.


What’s The Next Step?

So come in and have a consultation. We’ll always try and nail those things as close as we possibly can to give you an idea of timescales, whether it’s a number of attachments, whether we need to make any little spaces or anything like that, to get the teeth moving.

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