General dentistry and routine dental examinations at Holly Dental Practice

For a happy, healthy smile for life

At Holly Dental Practice everything we do is about providing friendly, caring and professional dentistry for the long-term benefit of all the family.

We like to take a proactive and preventive approach to dentistry. Through regular dental examinations or ‘check-ups’, our patients can achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath and a confident smile for life.

Regular visits to the dentist every six months allow us to keep an eye on your oral health care and pick up any changes before they worsen. This will also help us to reduce the need for more costly invasive treatments in the future.

To help us achieve this, certain X-rays are recommended every two years, although these will also be taken during routine check-ups when necessary.

We are Preston’s premier private dental surgery servicing patients across the county of Lancashire and beyond.

Dental Examinations in Preston

Why choose Holly Dental for your general and family dentistry?

  • For our proactive and preventive approach to dentistry
  • Regular visits help us to reduce the need for more costly invasive treatments in the future
  • Our friendly, caring and professional dentistry provides for the long-term benefit of all the family
  • We can help you keep a lifelong happy healthy smile

Frequently asked questions:

Will a routine examination hurt?

Not at all. A routine examination is an examination of your mouth, teeth and gums to identify any problems. If you require any dental treatments we’ll provide you with a detailed treatment plan, complete with costs.

Why are they necessary?

Because they allow us to monitor your teeth, gums and general oral health, provide advice to ensure longevity and advise on appropriate treatments where needed.

What happens next?

We will take any action necessary and will advise you on any appropriate changes to your oral health routine.

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