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Top 10 Invisalign Braces Hacks

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invisalign hacks

Top 10 Invisalign Braces Hacks and How You Can Ensure The Best Results!


Compared to traditional braces, most people would agree that Invisalign Braces treatment is arguably a walk in the park. It is very comfortable and doesn’t require you to go around living life with a ‘wired mouth.’

However, any orthodontic treatment that involves moving and repositioning the teeth will definitely come with some challenges and discomfort.

If you have just gotten your Invisalign aligners and wondering how to get rid of some of the challenges associated with them, this post will help. We have compiled the top Invisalign hacks to help you have the best experience with Invisalign and get better results.


Top Invisalign Hacks to Help You Achieve the Best Results with Invisalign


#1: Have an Invisalign go-to kit

With Invisalign, you will definitely be doing more brushing than usual, so it would be a great idea to keep a travel-size dental kit with you. That way you will not have to bother about how to brush your teeth after every meal. You will already have all that you need with you.

Get a small travel-size pouch at your local drug store. Then add a tube of toothpaste, toothbrush, your case, and chewies. Even when you are far away from home, you only need to find a restroom and brush your teeth before you put your aligners back in.

Remember, it is recommended you brush after every meal to prevent food particles and bacteria from locking in the space between your aligners and your teeth.


#2: Don’t discard old trays yet

You may ask why you would have to hold on to the previous trays if you already got another set. Well, anything can happen, and you can misplace your new trays – probably after removing them before a meal or when going to brush.

If that happens, you may not be able to get another tray until after a few days. But if you have your old trays with you, it won’t be much of a problem. You can always fit that back in till your orthodontist is able to get a replacement for your misplaced aligner trays.

So, you won’t have to bother about your teeth shifting back, hence drawing back the treatment.


invisalign aligners cleaning preston#3: Switch aligners at night

When it’s time to wear a new set of aligners, it is best to do it at night, before going to bed.

New aligners can cause some discomfort until your teeth are able to adjust to them. When you change to new aligners at night, you will be giving your teeth enough time through the night to do some adjustments.

This will also help address the pain that usually happens when you just change aligners.


#4: Use an Invisalign cleaner

It is important you keep your aligners clean at all times. At the same time, you don’t have to always splurge on expensive cleaners. A simple cleaner will work just fine too. To get yourself an effective at-home Invisalign cleaner, simply try:

  • Retainer Brite
  • Denture Cleaning Tablets
  • Invisalign Cleaning Crustals

All the above alternatives can help keep your aligners looking and feeling fresh.


#5: Clean the trays while you eat

The rule of thumb for achieving the best result with Invisalign is that you keep it on for 20-22 hours every day. That means you only have about 2 hours to have them out. Since you will be removing the aligners when you eat, why not use that time to clean them?

While you enjoy your dinner, soak the aligner trays in a cleaning solution. This could be any of the above Invisalign cleaner suggestions or even a diluted mouthwash. Just make sure it is not a colored mouthwash.

By the time you will be finishing your meal. Your aligners would also be clean, ready to get back in your mouth. Doing this twice a week can help you keep your aligners stay fresh for a long time.

invisalign preston tips tricks hacks#6: Set a timer anytime you remove your aligners

Help yourself get the best from Invisalign treatment by ensuring you have your aligners in most times of the day. To remind yourself to wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours daily, set a timer every time you remove the aligners to eat or drink. You will definitely be grateful for having this hack in your arsenal.


#7: Always keep a case with you

While you may appreciate the transparency of the Invisalign aligners because no one notices it in your mouth, you may need to be careful so that feature also doesn’t work against you, too. If you are not careful enough, you can easily misplace the aligners.

To avoid that, always keep a case with you and never take your aligners out unless you’ve got a case to safely store them in. Invisalign is expensive; you don’t want to fall victim to throwing the trays into the trash with the napkin while you enjoy a meal.


#8: Use your Outie

Yes, taking out your Invisalign may not be very comfortable – it can be painful, especially after getting your attachments. But you can eliminate the hassle of having to use your hands to remove them by keeping an outie close.

An outie is an amazing tool that makes it super easy for you to remove your aligners and attachments without spoiling your fresh manicure.


#9: Ask for a set of Chewies

A new set of aligners can oftentimes feel a bit “off” as your teeth adjust to the new aligners. But a chewie can help close the gap between your new trays and your teeth. Chewies are rolls of gauze that do a very good job with this.

You only need to bite down on these chewies for a few minutes during the first few days of getting a new aligner to both improve the fit and overall comfort.

cheap invisalign preston lancashire#10: Smile

The reason you go for Invisalign treatment in the first place is to have straighter and beautiful teeth. So, don’t be afraid to show off your beautiful teeth while you also talk about Invisalign to others.

The treatment option has been a great addition to the orthodontic world, and more people deserve to know about it.


Final Note

Invisalign is no doubt one of the most comfortable ways to get straighter teeth and improve your smile. But following some of the hacks outlined above in this post will make the experience even more amazing. Keep them close to you, and you will be glad you did!


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