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Emergency Dentist in Preston

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Emergency dentist for toothache in Preston

Emergency Dentist and Dental Treatment in Preston


Toothache is painful. So it’s understandable if you are presently looking for an emergency dentist in Preston to help you. Many things can cause toothache, and the severity of the pain would greatly depends on its cause. However, issues involving the teeth and supporting tissues are of high importance and should be addressed without delay.

Holly Dental Practice offers a range of emergency dental treatments in Preston to help you maintain excellent oral health. So, if you are also looking for an emergency dentist in Preston, you can count on Holly Dental to help with the treatment you need right away.

This article will help you further understand toothache and how we can treat it. So, keep reading!


Emergency Dental Treatment for Tooth Decay

The dental cavity is usually the most common cause of toothache. And it is a hole in the outer layer of the tooth – enamel and dentin. Both the enamel and the yellow dentin beneath it serve to protect the inner living tissue in the tooth called the pulp. That’s home for several blood vessels and nerves in the tooth.

Some bacteria in the mouth can convert simple sugars into acid. The acid softens and dissolves the dentin and enamel, causing cavities. Although small shallow cavities may not cause much pain, larger cavities can trap food debris and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Larger cavities can become easily irritated by bacterial toxins or by foods that are sweet, hot, or cold. And all these can cause toothache. Large cavities are one of the most common reasons people check in for dental emergency visits with us.

We employ different methods when treating cavities. For small cavities, we simply treat them with tooth-coloured filling. But for larger cavities, we will either recommend tooth removal or a root canal procedure, depending on how deep into the pulp the cavity is.


Emergency Dentist in Preston for Cracked Tooth

Another factor that causes toothache is tooth destruction. This can be in the form of enamel loss, tiny chips, uneven teeth, or cracks. But all these can cause sensitivity or toothache.

When certain parts of your tooth are fractured, biting on the area can cause severe sharp pains. Major things that cause tooth fractures are chewing or biting on hard objects, nuts, ice, pencils, etc.

When you come to us for emergency dental treatment for a fractured tooth, we would usually use composite materials to cover and protect the affected tooth. But if the damage is extensive, we may need to recommend a full-coverage crown.

But if none of this help brings relief, you may need to go for a root canal procedure. However, you can always trust us to provide the best solution for the pain. There is a reason many residents of Preston and its environs trust us as their go-to emergency dentist in Preston.

Emmergency dental treatment in Preston

Dental Emergency: Gum Disease & Tooth Sensitivity

Gum disease is another common source of dental emergencies and pain. It happens when there is inflammation in the gums or when the bone that surrounds the teeth and keeps them in place is lost. Plaque – a mixture of bacteria toxins, food, and saliva is the major culprit of gum disease.

Early symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gum without pain. When you start feeling pain, it is a sign of a more advanced gum disease. And it is usually accompanied by swelling, pain, gum infection, and further bone destruction.

Chronic gum disease can also lead to root sensitivity when the roots become exposed as bacterial toxins dissolve and erode the bone. The exposed roots can become extremely sensitive to hot, cold, and sour foods because no more healthy bones or gums are protecting them – they have been dissolved by bacterial toxins.

Early stages of root exposure can be treated with repeated application of fluoride varnish and other desensitizers, such as Duraphat toothpaste can also be used during times of sensitivity at home.


Dental Emergency: Broken Tooth

Many things can cause a broken tooth, including sports activity, accidental falls, biting on hard objects, or a punch in the face. Poor oral hygiene can also make your tooth more vulnerable to breaks. Apart from the cosmetic concerns broken teeth cause, when left untreated, they can become serious problems.

The longer you wait to repair the broken tooth, the more it becomes infected to the point that you may need to remove it. So when you have a broken tooth, you should seek professional dental care as soon as possible.


Final Note on Emergency Dental Treatment in Preston

Many things can cause toothache, and we have discussed a couple of them. However, timely treatment can mean a lot in this case. Apart from the discomfort it causes, when left unattended to, the underlying cause of the ache can cause serious oral or health problems.

If you live in Preston and looking for an emergency dentist, you can always schedule an appointment with Holly Dental Practice. We offer a range of emergency dental treatments to help you get out of pain urgently.


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