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7 Dental Issues That Invisalign Can Fix

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7 Dental Issues and Problems That Can Be Easily Be Fixed With Invisalign Braces in Preston


Invisalign has now become a popular and outstanding treatment option for helping people in Preston achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. The orthodontic treatment uses clear, removable plastic aligners to provide patients with a convenient and virtually invisible way to straighten their teeth.

Compared to traditional braces, it is a much more comfortable treatment option plus it also helps achieve results faster.

The treatment involves wearing plastic aligners for most hours of the day. But no one will notice them on you, so you can wear them to work or University without the fear of being called metal-mouth.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is easier to clean and you can still eat your favourite foods. You just need to take them out when you want to eat or brush. Invisalign is truly a convenient option for treating a range of dental issues.

However, when considering going for the revolutionary treatment, you should also know if it is just the best option for your kind of issue. The truth is that not all dental issues can be solved with Invisalign.

In this post, we have highlighted 7 dental issues that can be fixed with Invisalign. If any of them is what’s making you lose your confidence, then Invisalign is the treatment you have been looking for.


7 Dental Issues Invisalign Can Fix


#1: Crooked Teeth

This is likely the most common reason people go for Invisalign – to have generally straighter teeth. If you have crooked teeth alignment and you are looking to have them straightened and improve your smile, Invisalign is a great option for you.

Slight adjustments to your alignments can make a big difference to your confidence. So you don’t have to be shy of your smile again; Invisalign can fix it.

crooked teeth preston#2: Overbite

Also referred to as overjet, it is a dental problem that occurs when the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth because they are bigger. While a little overbite is normal, when it is pronounced, it affects your appearance and results in dental problems down the line.

When an overbite is left untreated, it can cause your lower teeth to start wearing down. It can trigger gum problems and make you experience pain in your jaw. Can Invisalign fix an overbite? Yes, Invisalign can help fix an overbite. Talk to your dentist about it.

overjet teeth preston#3: Underbite

An underbite is the opposite of an overbite. It happens when your lower front teeth are larger than your upper front teeth, and so overlaps on it when you close your mouth. An underbite can cause joint and jaw pain.

It can cause your tooth to wear and can also interfere with your chewing and speaking abilities. If this is the kind of dental issue you have, Invisalign can help. A visit to an Invisalign dentist can help fix an underbite and help you enjoy a quality life.


#4: Open Bite

If your upper and lower teeth don’t meet when you close your mouth, then you have an open bite. It is a condition that usually happens in children or adults who love to place an item between their teeth such as a pencil or pacifier.

An open bite can also affect your appearance and makes it hard to bite into some foods. It can also cause lisp and cracked back teeth in the long run. Invisalign can help shift the upper and lower teeth into position to fix an open bite.

overbite teeth preston

#5: Cross Bite

When you close your mouth and some of your upper teeth rest right inside your lower teeth rather than on the outside, you are having what is called a crossbite. You can have a front crossbite or back crossbite, depending on which teeth are affected. The problem can be a result of trauma, the early loss of baby teeth, or poor oral hygiene.

A crossbite can cause permanent changes in facial structure as you try to compensate by moving your jaw to one side. It can also wear and chip the teeth while also impacting jaw growth. Like some other dental issues, Invisalign can fix a crossbite.


#6: Gappy Teeth

Do you have gaps between two or more of your teeth? Then you should seek how to fix it. Extra space between your teeth can impact your smile and the health of your gums. Food particles can be trapped in the gaps, causing bad odour and gum diseases.

Invisalign is a great treatment option for gap teeth. It can close the gaps and align the teeth to help put life back into your smile.

gappy teeth preston#7: Crowded Teeth

Sometimes, your teeth may become twisted, overlap, or get pushed behind or in front of neighbouring teeth. It appears as though there is just not enough room to accommodate the teeth, so they become bunched up together instead of evenly spaced along the jaw.

Crowded teeth are often difficult to brush or floss, hence encouraging the growth of bacteria and plaque. This can cause tooth decay or gum disease down the line. So, you shouldn’t wait until you have problems before you fix crowded teeth. Invisalign can help fix the issue faster than you imagine.

crowding teeth preston

Bottom Line

Now you see that Invisalign is not only great for getting straighter teeth but can also help fix a variety of dental issues. If you have any of the above-stated issues, schedule an appointment with us right away to discuss how to begin your Invisalign treatment by filling in this Web Form or calling our friendly team on 01772 561748.