Your First Appointment

We are proud to offer affordable routine dentistry and advanced cosmetic dental treatments, convenient opening times, free onstreet car parking and a gentle dental care - so why not contact us to join our practice today... new patients are always welcome!

As a new patient at Holly Dental Practice, the first appointment we'd like to arrange for you is a New Patient Examination. The cost of this appointment is just £49.

This appointment is approximately 45 minutes long and ensures that each patient has enough time to discuss any current concerns or problem.

The appointment will also involve a very thorough examination of not only the teeth, but also all of the surrounding tissues and where necessary, the jaw joints. A precise record of existing restorations will be added to each patient’s digital record, and then routine x-rays will be taken to assess the areas that are not otherwise visible, for example, underneath existing fillings or in between teeth. These will then be discussed with the patient during this appointment, and then if any treatment is necessary, it can be illustrated using the images.

Following this first visit, all patients will have an idea of exactly what treatment is required and why. They will have the opportunity to discuss different treatment options, and where requested, will receive a written summary of our findings together with a suggested treatment plan.

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