Shaun Nixon review

I switched to Holly Dental after moving North from Lincolnshire in 2014. I have always had NHS dentists in the past - usually ones from beyond these shores - but met Andy and decided to give the private option a go. I did the maths and realised that a Holly Dental monthly patient plan (cheaper than DenPlan and the like) was around the same as I was paying for NHS treatment over the course of a year. The difference in the standard of treatment, materials and time spent is vast. I have seen dentists in Skipton, Bristol, Pershore, Grantham and Barnoldswick so this is not a comparison between two dentists, but between everything I have experienced before. Andy's initial consultation - with x-rays - was thorough, open and honest. It flagged up some concerns about the poor quality of some previous treatment but also reassured me about the way I was looking my teeth. I have seen Andy for two checkups since and he has been thorough and consistent on both occasions. Andy has also replaced one of my fillings - the one that barely showed up on the x-ray because it contained such poor quality materials. The replacement is far superior, white(!) and was done with far more care than previous. I think he must have worked on it at least 5 times longer than any previous dentist, ensuring it fit my bite correctly. I have a phobia of needles and therefore never have an injection for fillings, but Andy's treatment was totally pain free - there wasn't even a tingle from the nerve inside my tooth. I have also seen the hygienist at Holly Dental and this was a real eye-opener! I don't think that much care and attention has *ever* been dedicated to my teeth. Worth every penny and well worth driving all the way across Lancashire for! The staff are a very friendly team and the funky decor in the surgery is a refreshing change to the clinical, tired rooms of past dentists. I would thoroughly recommend it.
— Shaun Nixon, via Facebook

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