I have always had issues with my teeth. I was incredibly self-conscious and always-felt people were looking at my teeth. I constantly covered my mouth with my hand and smiled without opening my lips. I hated my teeth from every angle, not only the shape, but the colour. Embarking on cosmetic dental work is not an easy decision to make. Firstly is the financial commitment, should I spend that kind of money on myself? My husband took a different view, he considered it an investment in yourself, just like gym membership or healthy eating. The next decision is who should undertake the work. My dentist recommended several practices and after research I decided to go to Mr Holly at Holly Dental Practice. Their website was professional and offered an insight into all the services they provided. I arranged an initial consultation and took my husband with me. From the moment you walk through the door you are treated in the most professional manner. The surgery is modern, clean and patient focused. As soon as I sat down with Andy he put me at ease, with his affable and humorous approach. He explained all the options carefully and the process. He gave me a range of options. I decided on implants because it was the most long term option and would give me the best results. The whole process took ten months, and I felt looked after every step of the way. Even down to having an out of hours contact number. The end result is fantastic. I had to learn to smile with my teeth and I am really proud of my new smile. I feel much more confident and don’t mind having my picture taken anymore. I am so glad I had the dental work and say to anybody who has issues with their teeth, go for it.
— Mandy

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