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I don't normally write these types of reviews, but I searched for Holly Dental this morning because I had misplaced the contact number and my wife and I are due for a check up. I then noticed the 1 star review by 'Olivia Leonie' which must be a fake or a set up or something, I've never read such rubbish, and judging by the terminology used it looks a bit fishy. My wife and I first visited Andy and Jonathan about a year ago after seeing a few other local dentists for a consultation, but we came across their advert in a local magazine regarding implants. I knew I was going to lose the few remaining top teeth I had, but the estimates of £20k I had received elsewhere were just out of budget.... I also like my holidays you see! After a joint consultation, which was free by the way as an offer in the magazine, Andy and Jonathan came up with a treatment plan, almost identical to the other two practices, for £7,500 less. Hardly the sign of a practice that 'swindles' or 'rips people off?' I had 5 implants (German/swiss made I believe) with bone grafts after a CT scan, and a fixed porcelain bridge. There is nothing I can't eat, the entire procedure was painless, and they saved me nearly £8,000! On top of all this they also arranged interest free finance for me on all of it! These guys are not here to offer false opinions, rip anyone off and certainly didn't "fail to offer the best option for my teeth." As I said, it was the same outcome of two other respectable dentists in the area, just for a lot less. These types of reviews can be extremely helpful for patients like my wife and I searching for a better solution to our care needs, and false ones like 'Olivia Leonie's' could potentially prevent someone else being saved £8,000. It's just not on...and I'm pretty sure my treatment was a more 'complex case' than yours flower! Keep up the great work gents.... we'll see you soon!
— David M, via Google

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