An awesome guy

Had a consultation with Andy about whitening my teeth etc and I can honestly say he is an awesome guy, Explains everything so well. Can not wait to start my treatment. very excited ;-) UPDATE: Since seen Andy for the consultation from when I first walked into the Holly Dental with what I can describe is having a row of tea bags for teeth (I'm not kidding), I've now had them whitened and Oh my days Its a massive difference and my confidence has now gone through the roof, My treatment is still ongoing for another week or so but I can honestly say what an awesome guy Andy is.. So professional in every way which makes it a pleasure to have work carried out by him. Once I've had the treatment done and finished I for sure will have the best smile ever, something I never thought I would ever have So to Andy and all at Holly Dental a massive thank you ;-)
— Brook Baker, via Google

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