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Crowns & Bridges

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If your tooth has become broken, badly decayed or damaged in such a way that a filling is not strong enough to support the tooth, then a Crown may be recommended by your dentist as the most suitable treatment option for you. If you need to have your damaged tooth removed, then a Bridge may be recommended to you as one of the ways in which we could replace this tooth and fill the gap in your smile.


Dental Crowns & Bridges FAQ's

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What is a Crown?

A Crown (also known as a 'cap') is a protective cover fitted over the existing structure of a broken or damaged tooth to restore function and appearance.

At Holly Dental Practice we provide a range of Crowns using only technically advanced materials of the highest quality, that are produced by our trusted chosen dental laboratories, so that our patients can choose the right treatment option for them according to their requirements and budget.

What are the Benefits of an All-Ceramic Crown?

Since they do not contain any metal, All-Ceramic Crowns are bio-compatible. This also means there will be no black line at gum level with your new tooth. 

With advances in modern dental technology, All-Ceramic Crowns are proven to be as strong and durable as metal porcelain crowns and so they are able to offer patients the best of both worlds - a long lasting and natural looking solution.

What is a Bridge?

Used to replace missing teeth, a Dental Bridge is made up of Crowns fitted to the teeth either side of a gap in the mouth. To prevent the need for a denture or dental implants, a Dental Bridge is used to restore the look and feel of a complete smile.

What are the Benefits of a Bridge?

Generally, you only require two appointments to fit a bridge, and if you make sure to keep good dental hygiene then they can last for 10-15 years. Through having missing teeth, your speech, bite, appearance and overall confidence can be affected. A Dental Bridge is a solution to these and other concerns with your smile.

Before and After Treatment at Holly Dental

Please see below an example of a smile transformation with All Ceramic Crowns at Holly Dental Practice in Preston:

Before Dental Crowns
After Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns 2

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