Cosmetic dentistry

Here at Holly Dental Practice - fabulous private dentists in Preston, Lancashire - we believe that a healthy, good-looking, natural smile is not just something for the lucky few, but something we can all enjoy.

A warm, open and unreserved smile lets others know you feel happy about them as well as yourself. Yet many people don’t smile because they’re unhappy about their teeth or gums. Dentures and cosmetic dentistry in Preston at Holly Dental can give you back your smile, confidence and personality.

We have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life across Lancashire and beyond to recover their personality, confidence and self-image by means of dentures and cosmetic dentistry. Why not contact us today and arrange a friendly and completely confidential talk about the possibilities?

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Cosmetic dentistry treatments in Preston

Advances in dental care have greatly increased both the number of cases that can be treated and the number of available options. The dentists at Holly Dental offer a review and consultation to discuss your dental treatment options:



Whether you are just looking to removing stains or simply looking to totally refresh your smile and take years off, we have a number of different whitening options.

Hollywood Smile Design

Hollywood Smile Design

Our dentistry specialism here in Preston - every possible effort is made to ensure each patient receives the smile they’ve always dreamed of.



Orthodontics refers to the area of cosmetic dentistry responsible for straightening teeth using a variety of different braces.



When missing teeth leave a gap in your smile or bite, a bridge can be used to replace the teeth. We use the finest and strongest materials to create you real-looking replacement.



Veneers are a very thin piece of porcelain that bond to a tooth to improve its appearance, a popular cosmetic choice.



Dentures can be used to replace one or more teeth, up to a complete set if all teeth in one jaw are missing.



Crowns, or ‘caps’ as they are sometimes called, are restorations that cover and protect damaged, cracked or broken down teeth.



Dental implants are the best replacement available for our natural teeth. They not only replace the smiling part of the tooth, but the root as well.



An innovative new dental device which combines the functional and aesthetic appeal of composite bonding and veneers, but can be fitted in a single session.


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What's right for you

Your mouth is unique so, rather than simply offering you a list of cosmetic treatments, at our private dentists in Preston we prefer to discuss each case individually in order to establish exactly what is right for you, your condition and your budget.


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All cosmetic dental treatment options are explained and demonstrated in detail during your consultation.


I have always had issues with my teeth. I was incredibly self-conscious and always-felt people were looking at my teeth. I constantly covered my mouth with my hand and smiled without opening my lips. I hated my teeth from every angle, not only the shape, but the colour. Embarking on cosmetic dental work is not an easy decision to make. Firstly is the financial commitment, should I spend that kind of money on myself? My husband took a different view, he considered it an investment in yourself, just like gym membership or healthy eating. The next decision is who should undertake the work. My dentist recommended several practices and after research I decided to go to Mr Holly at Holly Dental Practice. Their website was professional and offered an insight into all the services they provided. I arranged an initial consultation and took my husband with me.

From the moment you walk through the door you are treated in the most professional manner. The surgery is modern, clean and patient focused. As soon as I sat down with Andy he put me at ease, with his affable and humorous approach. He explained all the options carefully and the process. He gave me a range of options. I decided on implants because it was the most long term option and would give me the best results. The whole process took ten months, and I felt looked after every step of the way. Even down to having an out of hours contact number. The end result is fantastic. I had to learn to smile with my teeth and I am really proud of my new smile. I feel much more confident and don’t mind having my picture taken anymore.

I am so glad I had the dental work and say to anybody who has issues with their teeth, go for it.


Examples from our Preston surgery


This young gentleman presented to us with concerns over his front teeth. They had been damaged in the past through acid erosion and grinding. To achieve this result, he firstly had tooth whitening to improve the general colour of his teeth. We then placed four crowns on his upper anterior teeth to improve the aesthetics. He now wears a guard at night to prevent any further damage to his teeth and new crowns.


This new patient to us hated her teeth – She had uneven teeth and failing crowns in her upper arch and a very poor fitting denture in her lower arch. She wanted a new smile in time for her son’s wedding day.

One of her upper central teeth was un-saveable; this missing tooth was replaced with a fixed bridge. Can you guess which tooth is missing? Crowns were placed on the remaining anterior/premolar teeth to achieve an even, natural result.

Her lower partial acrylic denture was then replaced with better fitting – and looking - chrome denture. What a difference!


This patient suffered trauma to her face which resulted in the immediate loss of her upper left lateral tooth. She had been seen at hospital where the emergency team had placed a wire retainer on her front teeth to stabilise them after the impact.

Her missing upper lateral was then replaced with a dental implant, placed by our surgeon Jonathan Kennair. Root canal treatment was needed to save another tooth. Once this had settled and the implant had integrated into the jaw bone several months later, her teeth and implant were restored with new crowns by Andrew Holly.

"Am so happy and grateful for what this practice and the staff have done for me. They were challenged with a problem and from day 1 I could not fault the service and patience that I have received. Not only did I feel welcomed and reassured but I walked out today feeling a lot more confident about my smile than I ever have. I am truly in debt to these wonderful dentists and I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you for putting a huge smile on my face, that we have thanks to these brilliant people xx"


This patient presented to us with teeth in her upper arch which were failing due to periodontal disease. This resulted in the loss of all her upper teeth, her lower teeth were in better condition which meant they could be saved with improved oral hygiene and regular visits to see our hygienists.

Four Astra implants were placed in her upper jaw by our surgeon, Jonathan Kennair. Once these implants were fully integrated and healed into the bone (approximately 3 months later), they were restored by Andrew Holly with a 10 unit fixed implant retained bridge.


"Andy, Jonathan, Michelle and the team do a fantastic job and are really welcoming! Everyone at holly dental make you feel really comfortable and at ease!"


This patient disliked his chipped, discoloured and uneven upper teeth as well as the gaps in between them. He firstly had a tooth whitening treatment with us to improve the colour of his teeth. Componeers where then placed on his front upper six teeth, this procedure was completed in just one afternoon.


This patient disliked her teeth and wanted an improvement in time for her wedding day. This result was achieved by initially whitening her teeth, her missing back teeth were replaced with bridgework before placing Componeers on her front 8 teeth to totally transform her smile. As you can see from her wedding photograph, we achieved an amazing result and she had the confidence to smile on her big day.

"A huge, huge thank you to Andy and Michelle at Holly Dental for all their hard work over the last few months and giving me the most amazing smile for my wedding day!! I had a real fear of dentists before visiting Andy but he put me at ease from the minute I met him. I have had quite a lot of work done and can honestly say i actually looked forward to going in the end.........even the injections didn't hurt!! I would highly recommended Andy to anyone who needs any work doing, both Andy and Michelle are absolutely wonderful!!"

Componeers Preston Kirsty before